our workshops and interventions are
custom designed to your question.

these are the cornerstones
that define the way we work:

Getting from one place to another

Most of the questions we receive when we are invited to work with leaders, teams and organizations are about getting from one place, state or position to another. They are about change, transition or progress. They are about movement metaphors. Individuals and teams want to:

  • digg into their dynamics
  • get out of a conflict
  • deepen relations
  • move towards an ambitious goal
  • move away from an old situation
  • stop with inhibiting habits
  • pick up on new trends
  • go up the career ladder
  • get out of the dark
  • etc...
So we design workshops and interventions that are able to visualize movement.

Getting a perspective on perspectives

Most problems have become so complex that we believe that the single right answer to a complex problem is an illusion. We need collective intelligence to get a firm grasp on what reality actually is. Our interventions and workshops are therefore designed to visualize a wide array of perspectives on reality.

Getting guidance by principles

When perspectives open and (limiting) beliefs are acknowledged, new space unfolds to make the desired movement. In our experience it is crucial that in this new and open territory you devise a smart way to navigate. We believe that the best way to achieve this is by formulating Simple Guiding Principles or devising a new powerful metaphor.

What you should know about us

  • We invite mind, belly and body intelligence to get the best results
  • We hold space for emotions that unfold
  • We pendulate between comfort and discomfort to get beyond what you allready know
  • We don't wear suits


Metaphors have a way of holding the most truth in the least space... Metaphors We Live By (George Lakoff & Mark Johnson) defines metaphors in the most graceful way: “The essence of metaphor is understanding and experiencing one kind of thing in terms of another.” And that is exacly why we love to work with your metaphors for life, work and leadership. Because most of our thought processes are unconscious, invisible and seldomly put into words, metaphors are a unique tool to show us the full perspective into how someone thinks, feels and experiences their world. Understanding our own metaphors and unravelling each others metaphors, really helps us in getting to know the perspective on reality of others in our team, familiy and organization. Metaphors are, when properly used, extremely powerful tools for getting a perspective on perspectives and to remedy 'stuck states'.

WE ARE EXPERIENCED IN WORKING WITH ALL KINDS OF PARTICIPANT ARCHETYPES. we value their input and energy. all voices should be heard. Even when it's hard...