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illustration and animation

To power up your:

  • books

  • toolboxes and games

  • mission, vision and strategy visualizations

  • websites

  • ...

Toolboxes & games

Creating attractive and clever designed toolboxes is a smart idea for:

  • coaches so they can remain present in the team / organization even when they cannot be physically present

  • for teamleaders and managers, to create healthy check up habits at the end or the beginning of meetings

  • for selfregulating teams to support them in creating healthy team dynamics and staying on track


Power up your books with visualizations that say more than a 1000 words.

illustration & animation

Transmit your information at the speed of sight:

Mission & vision

Change strategy

Guiding principles

Systemic insights


(the visuals below are style palette, due to privacy reasons real examples cannot be shown)

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