at visualchangeagent we believe that
visual language is a powerful tool.

We believe it is a tool that deepens, clarifies

and enhances traditional ways of working together.

It was founded in 2013

This unavoidable event is marked in my journal as; 'This is really happening...'. The brand name and its services emerged from my own company (Ont/moet bvba, founded in 2011) and my work in it as an independant HR contractor. It is still the convergence point of my strenghts, passions and obsessions. The brand is a perfect blend of visual language, transformation, progression and systemic work.

It is a collaboration of strengths is the brand name that assembles a wide variety of strenghts and people. That is why we can offer such a wide range of services to small and large organizations. Tailor made for profit and non - profit. The visualchangeagent network consists of individual and organisational coaches, designers, graffiti and airbrush artists, conceptual artists, movie makers and creative therapists, bodyworkers and project managers,...

It is owned by Hans Hoegaerts

Yeah, that's me. I started out like most people in an employee trajectory. A man with a mission in HR. Several plot twists later in my story, I find myself doing the things I really, really love. Things that are so interconnected to my soul that I can't imagine doing something else. I am ever grateful to life, mentors and friends for how they devised an intricate way to get me up to this point. By giving feedback, by opening and closing doors, by being honest and by soundboarding with me they helped me find my spot in life. I am ever grateful that I still can count on them for the road ahead. By doing what I'm primed to do, I hope I can give back what I have been given.

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Trained facilitator of Lego® Serious Play® Method and Materials (Lego) - Organizational Coaching, Architect of your organization (Philippe Bailleur) - Individual coach (School for coaching) - Tools for participation (Netwerk participatie) - Voice dialogue practitioner I,II,III (Voice dialogue institute) - Clean language (Clean language Nederland) - Clean for teams (Clean language UK) - Advanced leadership program (De Baak) - Bachelor in Marketing - Co-writer of the Progression Designers Manifesto - BBTRS® facilitator I - Lomi Lomi Nui practitioner - Big science fiction adept - Calisthenics fan - Trying really hard to do a middle and front split (unsuccesful so far) - A big heart for Dick Bruna, Hergé, Frank Cho, Brecht Evens and Cyril Pedrosa - Trying to play a ukulele (unsuccesful so far) and a mini hand pan (kind of ok) - Trying to live as plant based as possible (succesful) - Black belt in eating black chocolate - Yoga and Osho dynamic meditation fan - Part of the World Champion team KUBB 2019 - Expert level of finding golf balls that aren't mine - ...

some of our valued and treasured clients