The container does not like to share unless you have a key.

Likes to share, does not know when to stop sharing.

Articulates the problems of others in the group.

Needs constant connection to the etheral field.

Needs to punch through problems with force.

Starts fast, moves fast.
Are we there yet?

Takes all matters to a Socratic level.

Knows all possible sceptic angles to a topic.

Is there a powerpoint? And can we get it in advance?

Knows how to turn black to white and white to black.

Is going through the motions, is only physical present.

Can be a T-rex, can be a plant eater. Survivors.

Reproduces statements of others really accurate.

The urge to prove his/herself seasoned with insecurity.

Heads for 'fun' when things get difficult/vulnerable.

Has a hard time to being in the here and now.

Really good at digging up broken vases from the past.

Diversity, the art of thinking independently together.

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